Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What Is Leadership?

To me, Leadership isn't self-seeking. What does self-seeking imply?
Let’s utilize a realistic illustration with our friend “Jim”. Jim sells a business opportunity and says on all of his sites that he's a leader. Jim tells the individuals who follow him—those who join his business opportunity—that in order to be a leader, they ought to “give back”. And that only the individuals who “give back” are thought leaders.
So of course, when Jim wants somebody to host a training call, produce training, make follow-up calls, or do anything else that’s going to help Jims business, he's a ready group of “volunteers.”
These volunteers are charged up at the prospect of stepping up to the plate and
volunteering their time in exchange for the acknowledgement and status that comes with being one of Jims “leaders”.
It appears to make sense. There are individuals in Jim’s downline who require help and by providing this help; the volunteers are thought to be leaders. This is something that happens daily in many different organizations and downlines in this industry.

Looking At Leaders

As a result, there's a basic belief that by being a handmaid, you're being a leader. Actually, the “leaders” are merely followers who donate their time to another person’s cause. The only leader in this situation is Jim.
This common misconception gets individuals—who even might be top producers—wedged in a web of thinking that by assisting, they are being leaders. So as they spend all their time being in the limelight, demonstrating their leadership while their own real beliefs fall by the wayside and start to disintegrate and exist no more.
The true leader’s notions become the volunteers’ own notions. They forget who they are truly are, what they truly signify, and what it is it they really want.
Their brand becomes one associated with assisting the “greater institution” (Jim’s organization). And now the chances of these volunteers (“leaders”) ever quitting their volunteer work is thin to none.
Jim knows this, so he’s happy. As the volunteers’ whole persona gets so engrained with Jims notions and wants—they believe Jim’s beliefs and wants are their own. The volunteers will now champion Jim’s cause, at any cost, whether or not this cause is morally bankrupt.
A true leader is somebody that's willing to risk his or her own fate, to do what they know is correct. This implies going against the grain—taking a stand when there are 1000s of individuals who will gladly throw stones.
A true leader is in the end assisting an outside cause that he believes in, for the purpose of assisting that cause—not merely to earn followers. Sure, the leader will likely acquire followers as a result, but this isn't the only purpose of a true leader’s charge.
A leader isn't concerned with whether or not he earns followers. His chief focus is in accomplishing the goals or cause that he believes in. The followers are merely an effect.
True leaders don't have time to be “volunteers” for Jim, or handmaids for those in need of “help”. They're too busy fighting for what they trust in and working to accomplish their own goals affiliated with their own cause.
This implies that on the outside, being a “handmaid” of the industry or “Jims XYZ Marketing System” might appear to comprise leadership. But, it's the exact opposite.
While this is a really clever marketing technique utilized in a lot of different ways in the “make cash online” industry, you now have the knowledge to differentiate what a true leader is.
And by bearing this knowledge, you may start to question who you're following—and why.
Ultimately, this will likewise push you to stand up for what YOU trust in.
This will push you to stick up for YOUR cause. Not your sponsor’s cause or anybody else’s, but your own.
Ultimately, you'll gain the most gratification and fulfilment out of life by remaining true to your instincts, regardless of what others believe.
It's a tragedy to see how willing individuals are to forget about what they trust in, and to adopt a “leader’s” fresh beliefs for the hope of making a couple thousand dollars.
My goal in discussing this matter is to challenge what occurs in this industry—in hopes that you never lose yourself and what you really believe in.
For as long as individuals continue to chase this, they'll be forever stuck in the unprofitable cycle of hype.
I encourage you to begin listening to your hunch and your gut. It's an excellent gift that you have for a reason. It's there to guide you and will provide you the cutting edge in an industry where the myth of cash frequently quiets any voice of reason.
But utilizing your hunch or what I like to call horse-sense, and treating your business like a business will bring you payoffs far greater than any empty promise.
My goal is to help you take charge over what you listen to and where your focus is—to produce a Net Business that is not only successful, but satisfying too. 

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