Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Everything you require to accomplish your dreams, in one place!

Hmm...Sounds alluring, right?

I want to dive into one of the most popular platforms in the Net business industry today, and that's “Marketing Systems”.
If you hear the term “Marketing System”, you may question what the heck I’m discussing. So first, let’s specify what I mean when utilizing the term “Marketing System”.
The Platform

In this industry, here’s what a Marketing System commonly looks like:
• You join the Marketing System for a monthly membership fee.
• After paying your monthly fee, you're now a member.
• You've access to a community of other Net entrepreneurs.
• You've access to training and other resources.
• The Marketing System probably provides a series of sites, or a “Sales Funnel” that you may utilize.
• The sites are commonly generic with maybe several customization choices.
Here’s some of the appeal to join a Marketing System...
• You get to “connect” to a system that’s “demonstrated” to work.
• Rather than attempting to work out how to grow your business online by yourself, you may leverage the experience of others.
• You acquire access to a whole community of individuals who are just like you, building a net business.
• You have leaders to follow who are going to tell you what to do.
• Everything is laid out in a “Step-By-Step” fashion.
• You don’t have to try and “re-invent the wheel”.
• You see others claiming they've made cash with the system. It appears really simple: You sign up, you follow the leader, you make cash.
So the question arises then, “If the Marketing System is so easy, than why isn’t everybody doing it, and why isn’t everyone in the system making an absolute killing?”
And that’s a great question that a lot of individuals ask, but few get a true answer to. If
you’ve considered signing up in a business opportunity and asked this question from your likely sponsor, you likely received one of the following answers:
• Some individuals simply don’t trust it’s possible for them.
• Some individuals are simply too lazy and don’t wish to make it work.
• Most individuals aren’t willing to do the work.
• Some individuals are bad at following directions and attempt to reinvent the wheel.
Now, there's a lot of truth to these answers. In business...
• It's true that many individuals are limited by their own notions.
• It's true that some individuals are simply lazy and don’t wish to make it work.
• Some individuals are bad at following directions and are perpetually attempting to reinvent the wheel.
However, there's a greater truth that most individuals give little attention to. And that's that the Marketing System, in and of itself, is a business. Meaning, the people who run the business are running a "for profit" business—not a gratis help center.

The truth that I wish to highlight is that the individuals who own the systems are not
inevitably making cash doing the things or selling the products that they’re telling YOU to do.

Let me repeat: Owning a Marketing System is a for profit business. As the owner, you make cash by collecting membership fees, affiliate commissions, and JV profits.
Yet most individuals are under the assumption that, in fact, the individuals featured as the main story inside the system are making all their cash doing the precise thing you’re going to be doing. It appears logical from the surface, and that's commonly what is advertised to get you in the door.

But realize: it’s virtually impossible for you to earn the type of cash that's claimed on a
sustainable basis, by merely “following the leader”.
Cash is made through mighty branding, enterprising marketing and above all else,
understanding the business that you’re in.
Making revenue with a Net business is about understanding the game that you've voluntarily decided to take part in.
The bulk of what’s online is a game of changing perception to facilitate impulsive purchasing.
Owning a Marketing System is likewise a game. It is a totally different game than being a member who's marketing something.
Comprehend that the incentive to keep you around and paying your monthly subscription is the top priority for the owners of the system.
As a result, you’ll discover that a lot of systems have long drawn out processes that you supposedly need to go through with.
The more you have to learn and the more info you have to go through, the more subscription fees will be accumulated from you.
All of the “nuts and bolts” data inside the majority of marketing systems available may likely be put together in 50-page PDF, summarizing everything inside the system. But the chances of that sort of business model making a substantial and sustainable profit for the owners are slender to none. Individuals would purchase the PDF and be on their way.
But, utilizing a continuity based business model (meaning that individuals are billed
continually) along with adding all sorts of time-consuming fluff makes for a much better margin of profit.

Here’s what I wish you to comprehend: 
If you are a member of a Marketing System, you are a number. Most individuals are working for the system to grow it, rather than using the system to grow their own business. There's a big difference here. If the individuals who owned the system truly wished to teach you how to make revenue the same way they did, they'd teach you how to set up your own Marketing System. It’s an easy as that. After all, that's really how they're making their cash. They don’t teach you that for a very rational reason. The cost of setting up your own system takes an enormous amount of resources, time, sweat and experience. So there's clearly a benefit to becoming a member. You don’t have to get the cost and expertise to set up your own system. Owning a Marketing System, in and of itself, is a totally different business model than really marketing a business opportunity or products online.

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