Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Welcome to your Members Area

Instructions for the menu to the left:

  • Click on Promotional Center and here you will find the ads and banners that you can use for promoting your affiliate link.
  • To check your Referral and earning stats click on Stats.
  • Click on the Withdrawal link to withdraw your earnings.
    • Keep in mind that Payza holds payments made to us for 7 business days, so commissions paid via Payza will have a delay
  • Click on the Bonus link to get the bonuses for joining
  • Click on the Profile link to update your profile.
Here are directions to get started with

  1. Upgrade your Account using the Upgrade Account link above
    • Remember this is a ONE-TIME $10 payment - never pay again!
  2. Promote your affiliate link using the Promotional Center link above
  3. Your 1st Paid Referral will be passed up to your sponsor
  4. Your 2nd Paid Referral you will keep and becomes your initial Payline (powerline)
    • Every person below this referral will all pass their 1st Paid Referral up to YOU!
  5. Each additional Paid Referral YOU personally gain will begin another Payline
    • (powerline of paid referrals being passed up to you)
Happy Promoting from the Administrators of, James & Eric!
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