Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Over the years, I was involved in countless Net business ventures. Some didn't work and some were highly successful. After a lot of years of being involved with the Net and learning how to create, package and bring a product to market—I learned a couple of things:
• Technology shifts quickly, but human nature doesn't.
• Producing a product from scratch has tremendous advantages, but there are many other ways to generate a profit online
• Offering individuals packaged solutions frequently results in greater profits.
• The technology we utilize to do business might constantly shift, but sound business and marketing practices don't.
• Having a panoramic view of many different industries will always bring you greater
• Perpetually challenging your own view and the status quo will bring you the highest
With this knowledge and experience beneath my belt, I recognized that I wanted to continue leveraging the Net.
But, I was no longer interested in working “hard”. I chose to leverage
“O.P.P.” - Other People’s Products.

About Products

Producing a product and/or business from the ground up may be stimulating. But it’s not precisely a walk in the park. I needed to find that balance of continuing to bring forth profits from the Net while still having the time to LIVE!
When I first made the decision that I wished to sell a ready-made products online, I did what many individuals do and joined a System that gave a whole “package deal”. The sites were already created for you. There was training, a community of individuals, and products that were ready to sell with a great compensation plan. It got fairly obvious after signing on that what was initially advertised on the front-end didn't match the truth of the back-end.
What I mean is: what was being distributed on the front-end, “a plug-and-play system, no calls, etc. etc”. Didn't match up with the truth of what it would actually call for to yield a profit.
Rather than carrying on to be a number amongst the masses, I chose to head out on my own and discover a real mentor. Not a “sponsor” or somebody that I simply listened to on training calls, but somebody who had been in that particular industry for a while.
Somebodythat “knew the ropes” and could help me craft my game plan for success.
After I chose to go out on my own with the guidance of my mentor, I recognized that
branding myself was exceedingly crucial. But not in the sense that most individuals think of:
adding a picture and story to a generic site template. I chose to produce a brand that notonly represented my values and notions, but delivered an unparalleled offering that the market was hungry for: The reality about how this industry functions.

In doing so, I recognized I may ruffle a couple of feathers here and there, but that was a little price to pay for the gratification of knowing I could stand 100% behind what I was marketing.

The bottom line: I knew I would not be able to produce a sustainable business by selling something that plainly wasn’t true.
I wasn't okay with selling “hope in a site”. But what I did wish to do is sell something
tangible—that didn’t have any hidden aspects to it, that individuals could comprehend up front. As a consequence of doing so, that shift in my business was like night and day.
It was no more about attempting to hide behind a fabricated facade. It was about marketing myself, the products I represented, and what I trusted in.
When you trust 100% in what you’re marketing, making revenue becomes so much easier.
You’re able to have above board conversations with individuals rather than attempting to push them into an “automated” and twisted system of different levels.
Basically what I’ve done is leveraged another person’s product, but with my brand on the front. But what’s crucial: I decided to get rid of the marketing system, which means doing away with the confusing steps that only water down conversions.
So rather than sending individuals through a multi-step, I erased all the middle steps, so it works like this:

Generate Lead > Convert to Sale

This is much more direct than what most marketing schemes will provide you with. It likewise demands that you're comfortable going out on your own. You'll likewise have to acquire new skill sets. It’s like anything else. If you wish to become a physician, you have to go to medical school before you make the big money.

If you wish to have a successful Net business, you have to learn about numbers,
conversions, copywriting, branding, social media and lead propagation. There’s no way around that, in spite of what all the hoopla online says.
Arranging your business in a way that’s 100% unequalled to you while selling a readymade product on the back-end has the following advantages:
• Have complete command over your marketing content.
• Decide what sort of individuals you want to work with.
• Feel 100% proud of your business.
• Establish your own brand rather than another person’s.
• The power to have total command over your sites.
• Having the freedom to be on your own rather than being at the mercy of what the owners of the marketing system feel like doing to better their own profits (not yours).
• Market a product that’s already made and proven to sell, without having to make it yourself.
• Spend less on advertisement and bring in a lot of sales.

Here’s the primary point I truly wish you to consider:
What is the primary goal of your business?
The primary goal of your business is to bring in sales so you may generate a profit, correct? Correct.

So wouldn’t it add up then, to discover the quickest route from Lead to Sale, with minimum overhead? Utterly!

Recognize that each time you add a step into your marketing funnel; you’re diminishing conversions from lead to sale. What I’m advocating, is to... Cut off the “middleman”.
In this case, the middleman is the purportedly automated multi-step Marketing System.

Consider it: All the system is doing is placing a lot of unneeded steps in between a site visitor and a high commission sale being made. And the cost of having all these unneeded steps is a cost to YOU. Revenue is made on the part of the middleman (the System owners), but you’re paying for this profit out of your own pocket with your membership fees, front-end products and ad dollars spent.

Illustration: you've a hundred leads...
Lead > $49 Front-end > $500 Upsell > $2000 Upsell > $8000 Upsell > $12000 Upsell
If each step of the marketing funnel converts at 10% (which is really high), that means:
• Leads = 100
• $49 Front-end = 10
• $500 Upsell = 1
That means you drained leads at the second step of the process. This means if you were able to yield leads at a cost of $5 a lead, the 100 leads cost you $500. So you spent $500 on the leads and you made a commission of $20 on the front-end sale. And a $400 commission on the $500 upsell, you made $420.
So you really lost $80 and no one made it to the $2000 upsell point.

This is precisely what occurs with most individuals who join a plan that has many steps involved in their sales procedure. The members don’t have a truthful viewpoint of the bottomline numbers, and how would they? The only info about conversions is what the plan owner’s state. If more members really did their own math—rather than going by what others state—many individuals would be making really different business choices.
The biggest issue is that everybody seems to forget the primary purpose of the business, which is to make revenue. Rather, individuals get distracted with selling front-end applications, kits and low-level products. Few ever make it past that point to really yield a profit on a uniform basis.

Generating leads isn't the goal. Yielding an income is. Big difference. Most individuals are going for the leads, and that’s it.
There are a lot of one-hit-wonders online, which represent most of the “success stories” and “recommendations” that you see on sites.

But again, the goal of a business ought to be to yield an income on a uniform basis.

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