Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome join with 1-hash
We started opening cloud mining with network system on May 18, 2017
But the response was remarkable, proving less than a month of our total members exceeding 32,000 members and the daily growth of about 1,000 new members.
Registration Bonus will generate mining output every day (required to login every day). To withdraw you must have a minimum package, you can make a deposit of 0.005 BTC or more than $ 13.
Minimum withdrawal 0.005 every Monday. For affiliate bonus, you can make withdrawals whenever you want minimum 0.005 BTC
Withdrawals can be done in the form of bitcoin or you can converted to payeer, perfect money and nixmoney through the withdrawal page.
Join the STARTER PACKAGE 0.005 BTC. Daily mining out put 0.000035900 BTC + Bonus daily mining out put 0.000035900 BTC. Active members are not required to login every day.Just need 2.5 month your investment returns.
Business Plan Matrix 5x12 ( DIAMOND )
Registration Bonus 0.005 BTC
Bonus Referral up to 10%
Bonus Level up to 12 levels
Bonus Matrix up to 2 BTC
Matrix Rules
The first active member will occupy the topmost matrix sequence. If the first level matrix member is fully loaded then the next active member will fill second level in full, start from the fastest active first level member. Your referrals will build the matrix in your own structure.
Referral Link
We use referral locking system. So, any prospective member who ever click your link then whenever he signed up will remain your referrals.
As soon as you share your link, then as soon as success comes to you.
Use Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Web Support, Blogs, WordPress, Forums, PTC, Banners and other communication media.
How to make 6.464BTC with only 0.101BTC (investment only), Just Need 6 Cycle Only!
If without recruiting
You can invest as early as 0.101BTC and reinvest in 4 cycles!
By recruiting members and re-investing for 4 cycles you will get 3.6BTC!
How to get 2BTC in 20 days? Get 5 active referrals and duplicate them in this steps!
Successful Steps of STARTER PACKAGE
1. Join the STARTER PACKAGE 0.005 BTC. Daily mining out put 0.000035900 BTC (0.0002513 BTC Weekly Mining out put) Just need 2.5 month your investment returns ( with registration bonus)!
2. Share your referral link along with this success step to many social media
3. Get 5 direct referrals, who join the STARTER PACKAGE no later than 5 days after you join
4. Teach this steps to your direct referrals!
5. Then your bonus details at the 20 days is ;
5% x 0.005 x 5 = 0.00125 BTC
Level1 3% x 0.005 x 5 = 0.00075 BTC
Level2 1% x 0.005 x 25 = 0.00125 BTC
Level3 1% x 0.005 x 125 = 0.00625 BTC
Level4 0% x 0.005 x 625 = 0 BTC + MATRIX BONUS 2 BTC
If One BTC equals $ 2500
Then your total 5th week income is $ 5020.625
How to get 2BTC in 20 days? Get 5 active referrals and duplicate them in this steps!
If you want faster, please increase the recruiting speed and select a higher package!
This is an exciting challenge !!
If you want a brochure you can download it through the link below
Simple Brochure PDF
If you require any assistance, our team is always ready to help you. Simply sent email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you shortly.
Best Regards,

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