Sunday, May 7, 2017

The concept of email processing is extremely simple and can put money in your pocket almost immediately.  We have some members who are earning $500 to $1,000 daily! (*results will vary).  Simply follow the steps below to get your affiliate website set up and and start posting your ads.  When prospects respond to your ads and purchase an EPS membership through your website, they will pay you directly.  Your job will be to process that email by copying the email shown in Step #4 and email it to them within 24 hours so that they will have access to this same members area to download the Pre-Written Ad Copy Booklet and can get started.  That's it! 
How simple is that?!

In order to promote the Email Processing System and Earn $25 commission 
reselling the pre-written ads booklet, you will need your own affiliate website. You can 
either build  your own website or purchase one.

    OPTION 1 : Build your own website. You can use the model site to model your new 
OPTION 2 : Purchase an EPS website and hosting package from YA YA 
Your site will be created & hosted for You !

NOTE: Purchasing a site  is optional ( not required ).
 It does not include a Domain Name and the one-time: $10  payment is not refundable !

To build your own website, just copy  then written  content and images from our models sites. All of the content  on these sites are  unlocked and can be copied  and added to the builder of choise. This option is avaible to those of you who already  have your own web hostindg accounts. If you dont have your  own hosting account, you can create and host your site for free  at or This gives you the freedom to add the payment processor  of your  choice too.

A :

B :

Please be advised that the folloing EPS rules apply when choosing to build your own  website:

1. You are not allowed to discount or incrase the  price. The cost for becoming an EPS member is to bet set at one-time $25 payment . 
NO Exception !

2. You must include the disclaimer in its entirety at the bottom of the home page of your site  so that your prospect are aware of the EPS NO REFUND Policy.

3. You must not  in anyway display  the link to this members area on  your site. Acces to this page is to be given ONLY to paid members as outlined in step #4 below.
4. Your Payment Button must redirect your new members back to this members area .
You are not allowed to replicate this, this members area or include the contents on your website. You must make sure  that all members are redirected back to this official members area to get started only AFTER they have paid you !

The Link to this  members area  page is :

Don't know how to build your own Site ?

Order your official email  procesing System Website for just $10!

We realize that a lot of you are brand new to this sort of thing and to not have the skills or time to build your own site. This is why we have contracted  with YA YA Serviceces. Inc to provide Email Processing sites with hosting  for our new  members *.
You can purchase your Email Processing site for just one-time $10 ( ther a not monthly subscriptions). There is not wait as all  sites are created instantly and include built in  visitor tracking.

NOTE : We have removed the affiliates detailes from the buttom of the sites. Too many members were requesting to not have their personal information display on the sites, so to cut  down on support request, we removed this feature altogether.


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