Monday, May 15, 2017

Facebook Auto-poster - Works Even While You're not Logged in

Who Else Wants To Discover How to Autopilot your Facebook Message To Different Groups Without Even Logging in to Facebook?

" The Easiest Way To Auto-post
Your Facebook Message! "
Save Tons of Your Time and Money in Marketing!

Do You Want To Flood Your Business with Hundreds of High-Quality Leads and Sales – Almost Overnight – And Take Your Business To The Next Level?
bullet-blueAre You a Real Estate Broker who keeps posting pictures of your Real Estate Properties on Facebook just to get some prospect buyers?
bullet-blueAre you one of those MLM Networking Agent who keeps broadcasting their message to different groups just to gain more sign-ups on their products?
bullet-blueOr Are you an Affiliate Marketer who's tired on visiting and posting their affiliate links to different facebook groups/fanpages just to earn your affiliate commission?
bullet-blueAre you Tired Of Broadcasting your messages to your Profile everyday and wanted to Put Your Facebook Marketing Campaign on Complete Autopilot?
bullet-blueAre you looking for the Easiest and Fastest way to Broadcast & Autopost your Messages without spending too much of your daily time?
" What if ?...There's a Tool That Can Do All These Things For You "
Then we have a good news to all Marketers like you!

Using our WHB-Poster you can do all your Facebook Marketing in complete Autopilot. Your message will be posted according to the schedule you wanted, whether you are logged into your account or not.

While you relax...


The WHB -Tool Serves As Your "Partner" That Do All The Work For You.

Nowadays, Facebook Groups and Fanpages are GREAT Sources of FREE Advertising and Generating Leads to your business. Since your business requires time to advertise and market it through Social Media, then we suggest you can try using this amazing Marketing Tool - All is so easy!
The WHB-Poster is web-based tool that helps you autopost and advertise messages, images or even videos to unlimited Facebook groups & fan pages. Manually posting to Facebook groups takes hours daily, but not with this system. It’s very easy to use and it’s an automated system.
And even better, this tool may take only 5 minutes of your time creating your campaign when it usually takes you hours to do it all by yourself. You can categorize and import your Facebook groups, plus this system will save all campaigns you created, so it's super easy to re-schedule any time
The WHB-Poster delivers your message to community of thousands of people by auto-posting in selected groups, pages, events, profiles, you can also manage your own pages. You can track the progress of campaign and Play/Pause the campaign any time.
The Right Way To Automate Your Facebook Group Marketing Generate Massive Targeted Traffic from Facebook! Most Powerful Facebook Marketing Platform, that can generate high targeted traffic for your website or product on autopilot even you are sleeping...

With the WHB-Poster tool you can schedule your marketing campaign and that means you will earn even while your are sleeping.

You can:
Boost Your Sales & Conversions
Save A Ton Of Money On Marketing
Create Your Marketing Campaign in Much Faster & Easier way!
It's As Simple As Copy & Paste! All is so easy!

As of 2016, more than 20,000+ internet marketers are using this software everyday for their marketing campaign.
It's never too late. Use our web based marketing tool and take your business to the next level. Start advertising your business today.

For 7 days
  • 1 Login
  • Multiple User
  • -
  • -
  • -
Per month
  • 1 Login
  • ✓ Multiple User
  • ✓ 500+ FB Group Lists
  • ✓ Setup Included
  • ★ Premium Customer Support
Per year
  • 1 Login
  • ✓ Multiple User
  • ✓ 500+ FB Group Lists
  • ✓ Setup Included
  • ★ Premium Customer Support
One Time Payment
  • 1 Login
  • ✓ Multiple User
  • ✓ 500+ FB Group Lists
  • ✓ Setup Included
  • ★ Premium Customer Support


See What Our Satisfied Customers Say!

So What Will You Get Upon Signing Up?

Your Full Access to the WHB Autoposter Program

WHB Manual Guide
with Step By Step Instructions. Easy Tips on How to Market your Campaign and Avoid FB Jail Lock.

List Of 500+ Highly Targeted FaceBook Advertising Groups. FB Groups Are GREAT Sources of FREE Advertising! Groups related to Make Money Online, Work From Home, Internet Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Network Marketing, MLM, Business Opportunity and Classified Ads Groups.
With this list you can save tons of your time and you don’t need to search manually for Advertising Groups in Facebook.

private-group1WHB Private Community Group in Facebook. With Customer Support on the WHB Tool and regular updates about the Latest Facebook marketing.
(A Secret Facebook Group Only For VIP Customers.)

You Can Get Full Access To All of these for just:

$4.95/month ONLY!!!


You can focus on other things to keep running your business while the WHB Autoposter tool will do all the work for you. Just imagine paying for just the same amount as the cup of coffee and you can already have your business and marketing run on complete autopilot!
See? It’s like you are Outsourcing 72 Hours of Work to post your message on different facebook Groups and it's like paying for $3 per hour for your virtual assistant to do all the job. With the WHB Tool, you don't need any virtual assistant or even need your Social Media Manager to do all the job. It's like you skip just one cup of coffee a month and you can have your marketing going to the next level.
Ask yourself?
Would you like to spend more hours and even more money on marketing your business? If you're not smarter and wiser then you probably would waste your precious time and money doing all the repetitive jobs and probably would lost much more money in the long run while you keep hiring someone to do all the jobs for you.
We know you're much SMARTER, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's WHB Autoposter Tool?

WHB Auto Poster is a Facebook autoposter and its a web-based tool to autopost advertising messages, images or videos to unlimited Facebook groups & pages. Manually posting to Facebook groups takes hours daily, but not with this system. It’s very easy to use and it’s automated system. This tool may take only 5 minutes daily. And even better, customers can schedule all month posts/ads forward, with less then an half hour. Customer can categorize all their Facebook groups, plus this system will save all campaigns, so it's super easy to re-schedule any time with FacebookAutoposter.

Can I Schedule My Broadcasted Message or Posts?

Yes, You can. You will just schedule your messages and when will it be posted. In that way you can manage your campaign properly and more hassle free.

How Can I sign up for the Free Trial?

To sign up for the Free Trial please follow the video tutorial below:

Do I have to Register a Facebook App?

No, you don’t have to. You just have need to accept the WHB App in your Developer Account. You don’t need to register nor get a new app approved by Facebook.

Is There Any Chance Facebook Will Ban My Account?

No, Facebook doesn't ban your account. We will provide you a Facebook restriction guidelines (in PDF manual) to follow so that your account will always be safe when posting your scheduled messages. If you follow to these guidelines, you will never be blocked or banned from facebook.

Why Do You Charge $4.95 per month?

The monthly fee is for the monthly server maintenance. This web-based tool that you are using is running through our own server. The server itself will act as a medium and will do its job in posting your scheduled messages over to facebook. Thus, we do daily maintenance to make sure our server is always up and running. You can save 20% more by going to a Yearly Subscription or even more by going to a Lifetime subsciption.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay through Paypal. Once payment has been made, we will then proceed on creating your PREMIUM Account and login details will be sent to your email.
For selected Countries: You can also pay us through Money Transfer, (LBC, MLhuiller, etc.) please get in touch with us at

Do I Have To Contact You To Cancel My Subscription?

No, you don’t have to call or contact us. You can cancel the subscription anytime by going to our cancelation page.

Do You Have Any Cancellation Fees?

There are No Fees. You can cancel whenever you want. If you cancel, you will be billed only for the current month usage, but you won’t be billed again. Once you cancel your account will be removed from our system.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

No. With the Web-Based Tool, there is nothing to sign and no long term contracts. Our service is month-to-month and annual fee. You are billed per month or annually, and you can adjust or cancel service at any time.

How Much Do You Charge for the Free Trial?

It's $0.00 charge (zero), the Free trial is Free for the first 7 days. Then after 7 days you will be charged $4.95/month or $57 for each year. It's Risk Free!

Why It's Only 4.95/month?

Here are the main reasons why we're charging only $4.95 for the standard package.
$4.95 is a price most people can afford. With that, we're able to capture a wider market and get more customers. Price will eventually increase in the future for future sign ups.

We want every individual to have the opportunity to try my awesome social media marketing tool that works on autopilot. We love seeing people go from ZERO to amazing success, and we want the same for you too!
If you still can't wrap your head around this expense, just imagine that you're invest this amazing marketing tool for your online business for just the same price as getting 2 coffees at Starbucks once a month.

Are Tutorials Included

Yes, both video and written tutorials are available. If you choose for our Standard or Premium plans we even include a full knowledge-base of FAQ’s and their solutions + Email/Ticket Support. We got you covered!

How Does This System Work?

First is you will have to Order:
You're going to Enter the Payment Method either of the Following:
- Paypal
- Bank Transfer
- Payoneer
- For Other Countries (Western Union, LBC or MLHuiller, etc.)
After that, you will get instant access to the package.
You will be getting a login information to our website

You will only pay the monthly fee or Yearly (if you want to save more)...and that's all you have to pay! There is no additional Charges, no Hidden Charges, no nothing like that we just don't work that way.

I Really Wanted This, But I Want To Make Sure That It's Safe. How Can You Guarantee?

Well, It's a question I would have myself if I was in your situation. It can be a little scary just buying things online.
We can say right now that thousands of Facebook marketers have joined already. These are marketers from different fields of businesses, like Real Estate, MLM, Health and Beauty Networking products and etc.
Again, We totally understand where you're coming from and our 7 day Free Trial is our guarantee and our personal promise to you!

If I have Still Some Questions, Whom Do I Contact?

You are free to contact us at and we will get back to you within 24-48 hrs

So listen up: your total investment today will not be $4.95/month, that would be the regular price.
Just Today, Right Now, You Can Get Full Access To WHB Poster For Measly $0...
$0.00 free trial for 7 Days!
Yes, That's Right! You've heard it! For just $0 you can grab your hands on this amazing marketing tool to market your business into the next level!
That's a crazy bargain! Right?
Just think about it for a second.
Make sure to take action now! The price can increase at any time without notice to $37, $47 or even $67!

I can't wait to hear your success like the thousands of other marketers we've heard already!

“Grow Your Online Business On Autopilot”
We would like to thank you for your time and will sincerely hope you will give yourself the opportunity the experience how easy "social media marketing" can truly be.

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