Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Road To Affiliate Marketing Success is a Painful One

I've been doing affiliate marketing since the year 2000 and trust me - it's been no cakewalk.
For the first two years I poured in every ounce of blood, sweat and tears I had (not to mention all my savings) into trying to crack the affiliate marketing code.
I failed.
You know how it is right?
It's not easy.
Trawling the affiliate networks is a pain in the ass.
And looking through Facebook groups trying to separate the facts from the fiction is hard to do.
So you try to see what other people are promoting or what's working but you miss the "wave" and lose out on the big commissions.
It's a never-ending battle trying to stay on top of what's happening in the marketplace and you never quite feel like you have it under control...

You Get Disillusioned as Your Family 

and Friends Rub Salt in the Wound 

Telling You it Will Never Work

It sucks.
There you are trying your best and all they can do is question your methods or, worse still, poke fun at you.
They think you're wasting your time.
They think you're going through a mid-life crisis.
They think you're making a mistake.
So you buckle down and decide this time you're really going to show them so...

You Slave Your Ass Off Trying to Drive 

Traffic But End Up Failing Miserably 

Wasting Yet More Time and Money

It's maddening.
You do what you're supposed to do but you're not getting any traction.
You spend hours learning how to get traffic and then painfully implementing the method only to have nothing to show for it.
You check your stats once again only to see no visitors, no clicks and no traffic.
But then maybe light appears at the end of the tunnel when you do manage to get some clicks on your affiliate link...

Your Heart Sinks When Nobody Buys


I know what it feels like.
I've been there. Many times. Many thousands of times in fact.
You see;
I've been doing this since the year 2000 (sheesh that makes me feel old).
And I've had more sleepless nights, broken dreams and near-breakdowns over this stuff than just about anyone.
And while I've nearly quit many times and tried to cut my losses something inside me told me to keep pressing forward.
A burning desire to discover the truth.
A passion to succeed.
And a determination to finally unlock the answers to making money online...

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