Friday, April 28, 2017

AUTORESPONDER – A piece of software that sends pre-written emails sequentially and automatically (while you’re at the beach … or wherever else you’d rather be). 

CAMPAIGN – An organized, sequential marketing strategy with specific goals, systems, duration, and automation (great case-studies you can model at the training). 

COPY – Words that get cash! Written or verbal tools of persuasion that motivate someone to take a specific action… like opting in, responding, or buying.

 COPYWRITER – Someone who understands and specializes in the art of verbal persuasion that’s always moving towards the sale…. based on a vast knowledge of words, tone, length, frequency, and sequence. 

CONVERSION – The word conversion can refer to a variety of subscriber behaviors… joining your list, downloading a pdf, going to fill out a survey, or buying an expensive product. The ‘conversion rate’ tells you how many people are ‘converting’ compared to how many have the opportunity to join, but don’t. 

DIGITAL PRODUCT – A high-profit-margin product created in a non-physical format. Some examples include courses, videos, audio instruction, and information products. The beauty of selling these products is that they require very little overhead, no physical storage or shipping costs. NOTE: I’ll show you THE easiest, fastest way to create one of these products at the workshop. 

DIRECT MARKETING – Advertising that requires an immediate response… like a click, a purchase, or a reply. That’s why it’s also called direct response marketing, as opposed to image or brand advertising that hopes to gradually influence you over time.

EPN or EARNINGS PER NAME – The average revenue you generate per subscriber on your ever-growing list. Knowing this number is key to building a thriving business. More step-bystep guidance at the upcoming training. 

FELLOWSHIP – A niche or community of shared interest, activity, association, trust, goodwill, feeling, or experience. When you build your list properly, you benefit big time, both emotionally and financially from all of these qualities.

 FOLLOW UP – The neglected, but ALL-IMPORTANT 2 nd and 3rd and 4th chance you give your subscribers to buy, enroll, join, or somehow participate with you in your business. Many are on the verge of buying, but just need a little more encouragement or attention from you. I’ll show you the easiest, fastest, most elegant way to make that happen.

FUNNEL – A sequence of steps that take a prospect on a sales journey… from introduction, to getting to know you, to the first sale, and to repeat sales after that. Automation makes it no-brainer easy. At the training, I’ll show you the absolute best tools for simplifying your life and eliminating dozens of steps.

JOINT VENTURE - A super-fast short cut to list building and profits using other people’s lists and resources to get you up and running. 

LEAD GENERATION MAGNET – An inexpensive or free report, white paper, article or specific information that prospects have a keen interest in. An LGM, for short. 

LIFESTYLE BUSINESS – a consciously constructed business, built on the back of your list, that allows you to have the lifestyle you choose. Constructed to fit with your time, location, family obligations, sports and hobbies. (Imagine running your business from the beach, being at every soccer game, never missing another minute with family and friends because of being chained to your work.)

LIST – A group of people who’ve given you their email address and permission to follow up… in exchange for something valuable (a free report, a product, a response from you, etc.). It’s the life-blood of any online business and the most valuable asset for recurring, never-ending revenue streams and business expansion. Like-minded, passionate, active, involved, current, and responsive subscribers make your list far more valuable. You’ll get the tools to build THIS kind of list at the :

LIST BUILDING – The purpose of your FREE training… the mapped-out, ongoing, step-bystep process of quickly finding, then converting and assembling your prospects and customers. THEN… the real trick is nurturing and deepening those relationships so that they trust you, love hearing from you, and keep buying your products… forever! 

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) – How much are you getting OUT from what you put IN. But it’s not just money… it can be time, energy, mental focus… and even enjoyment. You need to stay scrupulously on top of this metric, because it’s the key to exploiting unsuspected list-building and profit opportunities. I’ll go deeply into ROI as I show you how to invest other people’s money to build your list and stack the deck in your favor!

 SCARCITY – When it’s the last product on the shelf, or a discount is only good for one day, it makes people want to BUY NOW. That’s scarcity, and you should use it ethically wherever you can in your marketing. I’ll show you how at the workshop. 

SUBSCRIBER – Someone who’s now on your list and is primed to become a loyal customer. An individual who has willingly joined your list because they are interested in your lead-

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