Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Cash Bar

Do you want to make cash online without doing anything???

Make cash online without doing anything with mycashbar

Do you need money? 
Want to make money online?

Yes, now with this revolutionary program "MYCASHBAR" you can make money online with less effort. 

It is 100% free to join and earn money from this program.

Make cash online without doing anything

How to join MyCashBar ?

To join you just need to download and launch the software. An email and a password will be requested when you first launch the application in your computer.

Once you have installed the Mycashbar application in your computer, open the application and leave it open in the background. The application runs in the background displaying ads. 

You will earn 60 points per hour with the cashbar and from 10 to 1000 points with the BONUS clicks.

The point rate can't be known before the end of the month as the rate varies according to income earned by mycashbar with its advertisers. 
The conversion rate for the month of October 2016, was 0.0803 for 1.000 . 
That is you could earn $0.0803 for every 1.000 points you earn. Isn't it free money you will make? 

All you have to do is :
 install the application and open it and start earning points.

You might be wondering as if, you could make some extra money with MyCashBar? 

Yes, my friends you can make extra money by earning extra points. For this there is a referral system, where you will earn 20% of the points of your referrals on 5 levels. 

Below is the chart showing you how the referrals system works and how you can make money from it:

Level                                                  Referrals                                                               Points
Level 1                                                        10                                                                 10,000
Level 2                                                      100                                                               100,000
Level 3                                                   1,000                                                            1,000,000
Level 4                                                 10,000                                                          10,000,000
Level 5                                               100,000                                                        100,000,000

Total                                                   111,110                                                         111,110,000

You can see the calculations yourself and yes its possible to make some nice earning with your referrals.
1,000 points = 1,000 minutes of runtime ----> $ 0.04

If each partner - runs :
3 hours / day * 30 days = 90 hours * 60min * 20% = 5,400 points = 1,000 points = $ 0.04 -You earn every referral

There are different methods to withdraw your earned earnings. When your earning amounts to $5. you can withdraw with  paypal or payza.
No account: Payza?

No problem: Click here & do your Payza Free Account


So, friends are you ready to make easy and free money online???


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Make cash online without doing anything

:  follow STEPS in this video :

How, was this post friends?  
I hope this post helps you to make money online installing the application and earn points which later will be converted into money. 
Happy Earning Friends.

Do you want to make money INSTANT ?

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