Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Just think...if you hadn't taken the time to click on that link, you might never have realised just how much easier and more effective promoting your business could be!!"
From the desk of Troy Wray,
When VitalViralPro first launched, it radically changed the way its members thought about promoting their business and had them thinking about how to increase their leverage in the traffic exchanges and other programs. It meant they had to sacrifice some of their credits in the short term to promote their VitalViralPro site but the medium to longer term reward was free credits.
With this new feature, you don't even have to sacrifice any credits! And with the unique tracking feature, you'll ACTUALLY SEE FOR YOURSELF which traffic programs are getting clicks on YOUR page - all without using any 3rd party tracking solutions. Promoting effectively doesn't get any easier than this!!
Imagine a system that:
  • promotes and gathers referrals for your business
  • builds downlines in your traffic exchanges
  • Has you up and running in less than half an hour
  • Automatically tracks which traffic exchanges are performing best
  • Helps you help your referrals grow their business
Does that sound a little different to the system you're using right now? I know that statistically, there's a good chance I'm talking to someone who isn't even tracking currently (because we all know what a chore that is, right?)
Well all the free credits in the world won't help you if the traffic exchange you're using doesn't get people clicking on your link or filling in your form (I forgot to mention the system can track people filling in forms too!)
With this unique Viral Tracking Bar technology, you'll quickly see which traffic programs are getting results for your page. Because let's face it, it doesn't matter where that traffic exchange comes in this poll or that survey, what matters is the results YOU get.
Other viral bars cannot do this. Sure they can tell you how many hits your page got. But clicks? No, you've got to use some other means to track clicks and that's assuming you can(how do you add a tracking link to a 3rd party page you don't own?)
VitalViralPro is a simple to use, yet sophisticated tool that helps you get greater return on your efforts by helping you work smart. By promoting one simple link, you promote your business, build your traffic exchange downlines and track. Fantastic, huh?
When you log in, a sample campaign is even already set up for you so you can see how it works and be up and running in no time. In fact there's a demo page here that you might like to try - don't forget, imagine your web page in place of the sample page!
So don't delay...get a VitalViralPro Viral Tracking Bar today and never look back! What are you waiting for? Click on the link below to get started...

Thank you! Now some important details...
Important Account & Privacy Information: Please Read Carefully
This is the final step in creating your free VitalViral account.
Most of the emails you receive will be help and advice on using VitalViral effectively. Some will be on general internet marketing topics and some may include a recommendation for a product or service.
You may also receive automatic, system-generated emails from the VitalViral site for example informing you that someone has joined through one of your links. These emails do not have an unsubscribe function. The only way not to receive them is to cancel your account.
I take your privacy very seriously which is why I send most emails out through a 3rd party service (Aweber) that has your interests at heart and protects your privacy. Every email from me sent via them has an unsubscribe link and if you use it, they will instantly unsubscribe you. Likewise if you report an email as spam (despite having opted in), they will instantly unsubscribe you. Aweber will not send you any emails through this subscription from themselves or any third party, only from me.
To protect your privacy, Aweber require you to confirm you wish to receive these emails. After you confirm your account using the confirm button below, you will receive an email from Aweber asking you to confirm you wish to receive emails from VitalViral.
You must find this email in your inbox or spam/junk folder and click on the link within to receive the VitalViral emails. If your email account is Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN or AOL, you will probably find it in your bulk/spam/junk folder.
Please click 'confirm' to indicate that you accept the above terms for your account:
Please check your email for further instructions.
I look forward to helping you generate 'free traffic for life' !!

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