Tuesday, January 17, 2017

$7-Ultimate License

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In order to make sales online, you need a powerful incentive to get people to take action.

Just like you, people are being bombarded by offers to buy or join or get something every day.

With a UL account, you will have the most powerful incentive service on the Internet and if you get it now, you can have it for life.

You also get access to an incredible vault of products -all included in your membership.

Check out the URL below and review the information page and see what I mean.

You won't believe what you can get for: $7

Seeing is believing and if you have $7
-->hey most people have this under the cushions in their couch.

Go check out this amazing opportunity.

You're skeptical about this? ....
Globally credibility: Look:

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The Best Place to Start Your Journey to Making Money Online is With The Ultimate License!
The Ultimate License is simplepowerfulaffordableunique 
and will provide you the ability to start making money online. 

It's simple because all you need to do is give others a free review just like you have now.  You know the give away works because you're here reading this and there are millions of people looking for a legitimate and affordable opportunity. 
It's powerful because we include everything you'll need to work and succeed online. 
 * The Ultimate License Instant Payment Service.
 * Every online marketing tool you MUST have.
 * Exclusive rights to make money with other products. 

It's affordable because for only $7 you get it all for a full year.  There is no better offer on the Internet than the Ultimate License.  
It's unique in the way we have the payment system setup.  Most programs pay you a commission for sales and it usually takes weeks or months to get paid--if you get paid at all. 

With the Ultimate License you get paid immediately via PayPal and you keep over 70% of the $7 and send the rest to us.  We call this a reverse affiliate program that is based on the honor system. 

     And to ensure nobody can ever lose a dime:

---> you keep 100% of the first sale 
---> everything else is $5 profit per sale.  

             So how does all this sound so far? 

 * $7 to upgrade
 * Get a complete marketing system including your own Autoresponder, Ad Tracker, Capture Page System and More.
 * G
ive away accounts--using only free advertising services.
 * Get your $
7 back with your first sale.
 * Make $5 profit on every sale thereafter.
 * Get exclusive rights to sell some amazing products and services where you will be able to make exciting money.
 * Nobody can ever lose a dime here. 

If you want more details, read below and remember your review is only valid for 3 days so don't delay and miss out on this amazing business and opportunity.

What you need to do to make this work:

All you need to do after you upgrade is give away free 3 day reviews of the Ultimate License and this can be done using only free advertising services.  You know the give away works because you're here. 
No matter what you get involved with, you will need to promote it and it's better to promote something that everyone wants, needs and can afford than try and promote something that's hard to sell, has little demand and is costly. 
If you're promoting a free to make money program, all you're doing is building a list for someone else.  Free to make money programs sound great but the only one making money is the program owner. 
And if you don't have experience with advertising, we have you covered there as well because one of the services you'll get with your upgrade is the Marketing Success Guide and it will show you where to advertise, how to advertise, where not to advertise and includes a variety of ad free information with NO upsells. 
The purpose of the guide is to help you achieve positive results with The Ultimate License because once you start making money here, you'll be able to take that knowledge and make money with any legal program, product of service you want to sell. 

Tell me about 12 Second Commute: 

12 Second Commute is :
one of the best marketing systems on the Internet. 

Globally credibility:

You'll get a Basic account in 12 Second Commute which gives you access to everything in the system and the list of what you get is very extensive.
 --->Ad and Link Tracker
 --->URL Rotator
 --->Capture Page Creator
 --->SEO Tools
 --->Contact Manager
 --->Circle of Success Prospecting System
 --->Program Builder
 --->Over 600 Training Videos--Some of these sell for over $100 online.
 --->More than 5,000 Royalty free high quality images
And Much-Much More .

Keep Your Focus On The Ultimate License  :
 One of the things that keeps many people from making money is they try and do too much. 
If you just focus on giving away Ultimate License accounts, you'll start making money quickly and then once that happens, you can expand into other things.

*** Your review account is only valid for 3 days.
  Other businesses tell people they can make money for free just so they can build their list. 

We don't play that game because the reality is until someone buys something, you can't make money.  At only $7, everyone can afford this service so you won't waste your time with a bunch of freebie chasers.

Tell me about: 
How I CAN make: $1 million in 25 weeks!!!

After your registration you will reveal:
This is actually your first STEP:

The first lever - for  building your's network, that will provide  : 
The Base---> the construction pyramid used by all billionaires on the Planet!

Why The Ultimate License Will Work:

 At only $7, this program is affordable for everyone, is extremely easy and works great with free advertising.
 You don't need any special skills or previous experience.  You give away review accounts and make money on all upgrades as well as the other products and services we provide.
 You get paid INSTANTLY and keep 100% of your first sale and over 70% of all future sales. 
 You will never run out of prospects--There are currently over 40 million people who have a PayPal account and are looking to make money online.
 Every month another 300,000 people get a PayPal account and want to make money online.

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& Welcome aboard !!!

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